Top 5 Must-Have Email Marketing Tools

Top 5 Must-Have Email Marketing Tools

  • Oct 12, 2020
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Marketing is important to any business, and choosing the right email marketing service can significantly impact the success of your marketing campaign.

With numerous marketing tools available today, it is vital to choose the best that resonates with your marketing campaign and business’ goals.

Amp up the game by choosing the best online marketing tools that help you in your email marketing campaign and assist you in your other marketing needs. 

So what are the best email marketing tools? 

5 Best Tools for Email Marketing

There are dozens of email marketing software out there, and we want to make sure you choose the right one for your business. We’ve compiled a list of the best email marketing platforms with countless features and automated workflows that will make your email campaign less of a headache.

Here are the five best email marketing tools in digital marketing that you can check to suit your business needs.

1. GetResponse

GetResponse is one of the popular email marketing tools that enables you to create a valuable marketing list of customers, partners, and prospects to build a responsive and lucrative customer base.

Not only that. GetResponse also allows you to create beautiful landing pages, manage Facebook and Instagram ads, segment contacts based on demographic and behavior, and set up webinars anytime, anywhere.

It is an all-in-one online marketing solution with amazing marketing automation tools that allow you to create smart, automated campaigns. You can design your template according to your desired look or use the HTML editor. With its drag and drop builder, you can create campaigns intended for specific groups.

With GetResponse, you can create automation workflows that reflect your customers’ experience to receive messages based on their actions. It allows you to design marketing campaigns that match the expectations of your customers. Its autoresponders also will enable you to follow up with customers automatically.

GetResponse is definitely one of the powerful email marketing software tools that are easy to use and perfect for small businesses.

Their pricing starts at $15 per month for 1000 contacts with 30 days of a free trial. 

2. MailerLite

MailerLite is another powerful email marketing tool with sophisticated features to help you build a stronger relationship with your prospects and customers.

Its drag and drop editor allows you to build modern, professional, and beautiful newsletters. Furthermore, the tool comes with a rich text editor and a built-in photo editor to create stunning emails.

MailerLite latest marketing features such as pop-ups, embedded forms, landing pages, and website builder helps you attract more clients from across the internet.

What’s more, you can monitor your campaign performance and run split tests on different variations of your email to see which triggers clicks and drives conversions. You can also a comprehensive campaign report that contains important statistics like click rate, unsubscribe rate, and open rate.

What makes MailerLite one of the best email marketing tools is its 24/7 live support to answer your inquiries and concerns immediately.

With just $84 a month, you can already access all the latest features of MailerLite.

3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is undoubtedly one of the leaders in email marketing because of its forever free email marketing plan that provides you with basic email marketing features such as email creation and scheduling.

Its intelligent features come with an easy drag-and-drop email builder, autoresponders, segmenting contacts into groups, and simple tracking for analytics. It also allows you to set up delivery times based on the user's time zones and set up segmenting based on geolocation.

Mailchimp smart recommendations feature provides you with valuable audience insights to optimize your marketing efforts. It lets you automate your emails and allows you to send out welcome emails, order confirmations easily, and abandoned cart reminders.

Moreover, its content manager allows you to design emails easily and store images and files for easy access.

Mailchimp is perfect for contacting prospects and customers who are important to your business. You can trigger emails based on actions like sign-up dates and website activity.

What makes Mailchimp an excellent email marketing tool is its easy integration with WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and other platforms. If you need an effective email tool, this is one you should definitely check out.

If you want around the clock support, you can have Mailchimp at $9.99 per month.

4. SendInBlue

Sendinblue is one of the promising new email marketing tools based in Paris, France, with excellent features to create beautiful and highly engaging emails.  It is an easy-to-use platform that offers complete SMS and email marketing software for businesses. 

Sendinblue’s email design functions make it easy to create a great-looking email with over 70 responsive templates that you can preview to ensure you like its look and feel.

A relatively new digital marketing player surprises everyone with its powerful email automation and list management features. It is another all-in-one marketing toolbox that combines email marketing, SMTP bulk emails, and SMS messages from a single interface. It also offers a fairly generous forever free plan, making them one of the best free email marketing software available today.

Like the other email marketing tools, SendinBlue has a simple drag and drop email editor and marketing automation tools that allow you to send transactional emails, create workflows for automatic follow-up emails, and segment users perfect for beginners with no experience in email marketing.

SendInBlue also comes with a landing page builder, live chat, CRM, and Facebook ads integration and retargeting features. This means clients now get more value for the same price.

You can get SendInBlue at $25 per month to enjoy its premium features.

5. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is definitely the best choice when it comes to email sequences automation. It is undoubtedly one of the top email marketing tools due to its powerful functionality yet easy setup.

It allows you to tag customers based on behavior,  run A/B tests, and create complex timed automation. Its interesting features, such as the new “site messages,” lets you create personalized content on your website when users arrive there from your emails.

What makes it one the top email marketing software is its one-on-one training and free implementation and migration, ensuring that you get the best support. 

Another notable thing with ActiveCampaign is its lower cost yet offers an all-in-one business solution, including CRM, email marketing, deal flow, and sales automation. It is a perfect marketing tool for small to mid-sized businesses.

You can get the ActiveCampaign at $9 per month to enjoy its full benefits.


Having the best marketing tools sets you apart from the competition. It not only saves you time and money but also speeds up your revenue growth.

By getting an all-in-one email marketing software, you can spend your time and attention, focusing on other efforts that will increase your company’s success.

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